keepwith is a platform that teaches networking.

We are transitioning from a B2B services company teaching networking to companies, organizations and at virtual and in-person conferences around the globe… to an enterprise serving SaaS platform scaling to help the world network better at a time when human isolation is at its peak. In the future, keepwith will also be available B2C.  

keepwith is building a technology solution that is designed to help the world network better.  

At this time, we have a fully clickable prototype. 

keepwith: the application, is due out in BETA in April 2022, with full release in May 2022 and a v.2 slated for June/July 2022. Our technology is a customized, interactive solution designed to help people around the world build stronger, more meaningful and more authentic networking relationships. Our solution is available in iOS, android and web interfaces.

When people hear about keepwith, they “get” it and they get excited.

Jon Klausa, Senior Director, Brilliant™, keepwith® Advisory Board member and keepwith® client

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