Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What inspired Megan to start a networking company?

Growing up as a kid in New York City, I was a member of the Children’s Express News Service from the time I was 8 until the time I was 18 years old. I had the opportunity to interview notable and everyday individuals as a reporter and editor.

This opportunity to ask people open-ended questions and to learn about their lives stuck with me as I transitioned to adulthood. I have a reputation for being a networking expert and someone who networks well and I started to get asked to speak and write about networking often, so I thought “there is a company here” and I started keepwith® .

How does keepwith® work?

We offer a variety of networking advisory services. Our most popular offerings include: Networking Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Conference Support, Schmooze Support™, Customized Networking Content, and Networking Training Series.

After receiving the request for proposal or being contacted by a prospective client, we schedule a brainstorming call to assess specific client needs. Then, keepwith® submits a proposal and finalizes the details of the engagement in a service agreement.

I understand workshops and speaking engagements. What does Conference Support mean?

Every conference involves networking opportunities for attendees. keepwith® provides content at conferences that helps to facilitate meaningful connections and authentic networking experiences. Services include delivering a VIP breakfast or lunch program focused on networking best practices, moderating or appearing on a panel about networking topics, or providing overall Schmooze Support™ to conference attendees.

Why is networking so important anyway?

Networking is important because people need strong relationships in all areas of their lives, but networking well requires time, follow-up and commitment. keepwith® is here to help you figure it out.

How much do your services cost?

Each client is unique and pricing is provided once keepwith® understands the type of networking advice and education the client’s team needs. Please submit a request for proposal or contact us to schedule a brainstorming call.

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